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Dan's Excavating, Inc.


Metro AirportA construction project is a major undertaking as well as a major investment.  And once a decision to build has been reached, time is of the essence.  Competent manpower, reliable procedures, and measurable quality standards must drive the schedule yet contain the cost.  With Dan's Excavating, Inc., (DEI) an owner takes on a partner with a commitment to performance.  A company who, since 1974, has grown to become a recognized industry leader in large scale, high profile underground projects,  site preparation, road construction and structural concrete work.

DEI employs the finest in civil engineering, project management and administrative experts.  Charged with project accountability and responsibility, our team evaluates the project, develops the processes, manages the workload and equipment and effectively communicates with the owner.  Professionalism and performance in all aspects of the job are what set us apart from our competition.     


Project Size Doesn't Matter

From $250,000 residential developments to $100 million airport infrastructures, it's the passion for the job that drives each and every project.  

DEI has been consistent since day one in its mission of demonstrating loyalty to a project and loyalty to each other.  It's this type of employee allegiance and their collective industry knowledge that has resulted in the company's construction versatility.  Of the thousands of projects undertaken by DEI, the company enjoys a highly deserved reputation of delivering quality workmanship and jobs that have been completed more often than not, ahead of time - never late.

The Right Tools for the Job

When faced with what appears to be a monumental project, it's good to know that DEI has on hand the necessary equipment and experienced operators that are up to the task.  DEI owns and maintains one of the most extensive, multi-million dollar fleets of state-of-the-art equipment in the industry.  Each piece is thoroughly maintained in the company's own shop by trained service technicians.  This translates into quality and reliability twenty-four hours a day, month after month, job after job.


Test Our CapabilitiesDan's Excavating, Inc.

It could be an emergency project for which no plans exist.  It might be an underground job with pipe sizes ranging from 6" to 144", a new industrial site or several miles of a major interstate artery.  We've done it all and continue to do so.


If construction is in your future, then Dan's Excavating, Inc. should be there too.